SavaPage is Libre Software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

SavaPage is an assembly of custom software and many third-party off-the-shelf components. Since components have their own license terms, special care is taken to ensure that these terms are compatible with the overall AGPL license of the application. The Third Party Software License Information page is an overview of component licenses.

Datraverse B.V. is the legal entity that owns and protects the copyright of the project. As a binding policy Development Partners must grant the copyright of their software contributions to Datraverse B.V. according to the Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA) as created by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). Beware that by this action the partner does not lose his rights to his own contribution, since Datraverse reciprocally grants the partner a non-exclusive worldwide, perpetual and unrestricted license to the same extent as it was transferred from the partner. This means that, as long as the partner’s action does not hinder Datraverse from exercising their own rights, he is free to use his own contributions however he chooses.

We invite you to read the Fiduciary License Agreement 2.0 contributor agreement, and to contact us at so we can prepare your contribution in detail.

At this stage Datraverse acts as project owner and manager. The project is organized as meritocracy and as it grows the initial roles will be discussed accordingly.

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