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By subscribing to the software your organization becomes a sustaining Member of the SavaPage Community. Subscription revenues are used to financially compensate Development Partners for their efforts and expenses. The subscription amount is dependent on the size (number of Participants) of the Member organization. When you sign up as a Member you get a Member Card, which actually is a digitally signed file emailed to you. The Member Card is your token as resident of the SavaPage Community and is to be used to confirm your status in the SavaPage Software. Since development is driven by Member requirements, you have the right to request new features. You are also entitled to high-priority Technical Support.


Datraverse actively seeks partners to support SavaPage Community Members to the best. ICT companies, system integrators and self-employed professionals are invited to apply as long-term Deployment or Development Partner (or both).

  • Development Partners team up to code new functionality required by Members and solve bugs: subscription revenues are shared with them proportional to their efforts.
  • Deployment Partners deploy the software and offer professional services like on-site installation and support. They can offer their services to Community Members directly or via Integration Partners, i.e system integrators, hardware and application specialists who use SavaPage as part of a broader business solution.

The Partner List shows the current partners.


SavaPage is internationalized software and can easily be localized to different languages, countries or regions. Currently SavaPage is localized to English, German and Dutch. A Translator is a Partner or Member who works on a savapage-i18n project: subscription revenues are shared with them proportional to their efforts. See the Guide for SavaPage Translators for more information.


An organization that uses the software and is not a Member is called a Visitor. Visitors are allowed a 40-day period to explore the application to decide if they want to subscribe to the software or not. Although any Visitor is encouraged to join as Member, organizations up till 5 participants are allowed a permanent visitor status. Visitors with more than 5 participant that use the software after the visiting period are kindly invited to join as Member, and the system status will signal the missing Member Card.

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