Organizations join as Community Resident by subscribing to the software. Subscription cost consist of a one-time enrollment fee and a yearly amount. Different tiers apply for Corporate | Government and Educational | Non-profit organizations. The amount depends on the number of Participants (students, staff, employees, etc). Subscription for extensions, that integrate with proprietary toolchains, have a yearly cost that is independent of the number of participants.1)

Residents are entitled to Technical Support from Datraverse according to the Technical Support Agreement.

Join as Resident

Participants Enrollment Yearly
25 €350 €160
50 €425 €160
75 €500 €160
100 €550 €160
150 €675 €160
Above 150
+10 €15 €3
Participants Enrollment Yearly
500 €425 €160
1000 €550 €160
1500 €675 €160
2000 €800 €160
2500 €925 €185
3000 €1050 €210
Above 3000
+100 €25 €5
Platform Extension Yearly
PaperCut Delegated Print €750
User Sync and Auth Interface €150
Personal User Account €150
Smartschool OAuth and Notifications €150
Google Google Cloud Directory €200
OAuth €150
Microsoft Active Directory €200
Windows Driver Print 2) €150
SavaPage Client App 3) €200
Azure AD OAuth €150
Oracle External Database €200
Mollie Generic Payment Gateway 4) €150
Moodle moodle-block_savapage - 5) Bitcoin Payment Gateway 6) on hold

Since the standard of living is different in different parts of the world, and not every (non-profit) organization has the same financial resources, pricing may be too high for some. We feel that motivated candidate residents must not be excluded for financial reasons. So, if special circumstances apply to your organization, please contact the Community Office to apply for residency with the payment you can afford.

In special cases we sponsor SavaPage Residency of non-profit volunteer organizations, based on their exceptional ideological and social objectives. Please contact the Community Office if you want to apply to our Sponsorship Program.

All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT. If your fiscal entity is located in the EU, but outside the Netherlands, no VAT will be charged if a VAT number is available: in that case, VAT will be reverse charged. For fiscal entities located outside the EU, no VAT is charged: VAT will be exempt, and the purchaser is responsible to comply to tax legislation in his own fiscal residency for the amount due.
2) , 3)
Only through Integration Partners.
European Economic Area and Switzerland only.
free of charge
The problem with low-value Bitcoin transactions right now is that fees are too high to be of any practical use.
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