SavaPage is a Print Portal Solution that uses Open Standards and Commodity Hardware for Secure Pull-Printing, Pay-Per-Print, Delegated Print, Job Ticketing, Auditing and PDF Creation.

Although the paperless office is within reach, hard-copy printing still is a troublesome reality. The craving for tangible documents has a price that someone has to pay.

What about our environment? The footprint of paper production and consumption is huge and contributes to climate change and environmental pollution. Besides, imagine the footprint of printing hardware.

What about your organization? Paper, printers and consumables take a large part of your budget. Printer vendor solutions hold a firm grip on IT infrastructure, and leave you no choice. Print Management Software is proprietary and tied to a long-term hardware lease contract.

SavaPage offers an alternative, so you can choose:

  • Commodity Hardware above expensive Proprietary Devices.
  • A Community based on Peer-To-Peer Cooperation above Centralized Corporation.

SavaPage is designed to save money and trees, so you can:

  • Use Print Preview to remove unnecessary pages and graphics before printing.
  • Save your print job as PDF document.

SavaPage is deployed on a GNU/Linux system and acts as a shared Virtual Printer.

Documents can be printed to SavaPage with a PostScript driver, AirPrint ®, SavaPage Android Print App , Web Print (file upload) or Mail Print (file attachment).

All prints are held on a personal queue. A User Web App, optimized for Mobile and Desktop users, offers Print Preview, Editing and PDF Creation. Regular office printers are sandboxed in SavaPage and can easily be used for pass-through printing. Several print release scenarios are supported.

In a Fast Print scenario a user walks up to any printer to release his hold print jobs with a simple NFC card swipe. A Raspberry Pi device with a commodity NFC Reader, or any other comparable Single-board computer can be used for that purpose.

In a Direct Print scenario a user releases to a printer within his Web App. Several hybrid release scenarios are also supported.

In a Job Ticket Print scenario users send print jobs to a Print Room where a Job Ticket Operator prints the job to a suitable printer.

For technical information about the application see Technical Features.

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